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Katy Pistole is a beloved daughter of The King and loves to share His Abundant Life in a variety of ways. She is an award winning author and popular speaker.  Katy has written seven books including The Sonrise Farm Series and Jubilee The Love Story. You can find out more about Katy's books at KatyPistole.com. Katy is the Founder and Executive Director of Beautiful Brokenness and The Center for Equine Assisted Discipleship.

What if the majority of pain comes, not from my painful circumstance, but from the lie the circumstance reveals.

For example - if I believe that I am alone, I will feel lonely, anxious, abandoned. What if those negative emotions caused me to turn to Jesus - the Author and Finisher of my faith? What if those painful emotions caused me to ask Him to reveal my broken belief? What if He was faithful to answer my question? What if the Truth is that He will NEVER leave or forsake me? What if that painful moment of loneliness could lead me into a deeper awareness of His Sufficiency? 

I am convinced that much of my suffering can be alleviated by walking in Truth.

And that's the heart of it. Truth. Life. Jesus.

Okay - sorry - back to the bio ...

Katy spent her growing up years in Africa; Botswana and Nigeria. It was in Botswana, and the age of twelve, that Katy received her first horse, a twelve year old gelding named Black Jack. 

Katy's parents had recently met Jesus and wanted to introduce Katy to Him as well. But Katy's heart was full, and she felt no need for Jesus. 

Until Black Jack contracted a fatal illness. 

Now she had a need.

Katy's parents offered to organize a prayer meeting. She had no other options, so she agreed. Twelve adults gathered around Katy that evening and prayed for Black Jack, and for Katy.

When Katy raced to the barn the next day she found Back Jack. Healed. Eating hay.

Katy knew in that moment, that Jesus was real. That He is good. And that He is powerful.

She has belonged to Jesus ever since.

As an adult, Katy began writing inspirational horse books for kiddos to draw them into the heart of The Good Shepherd. These books have blossomed into the popular Sonrise Farm Series. 

Katy received her B.A. in English from George Mason University, and a post~graduate Teaching Certification from James Madison University.

Katy completed Discipleship Counselor Training through Grace Ministries in Manassas, Virginia in 2003 and was a discipleship counselor with her church for years. 

In 2010 Katy and Scooter were invited to share Beautiful Brokenness at a women's retreat in Louisiana. This retreat marked the first time Katy had been asked to share a horse themed message with a general audience. Beautiful Brokenness was so well received that a ministry was born as a result.

Today the ministry includes 9 horses, most rescued from one thing or another. You can read each horse's bio on the Our Horses page.

Katy loves to share her heart about Jesus. Please use the Contact  Us page with any questions or for more information

What People are Saying

Katy’s deep, personal relationship with Jesus was evident as she prepared for her time with us, as she spoke, and as she worked with Scooter. The picture of Katy and Scooter will be one that I remember forever as a beautiful picture of God’s love, patience, and acceptance of me. ~ Barbara R.  Retreat participant

I met Katy when my whole world was falling apart. I was waiting for my daughter's birth and then immediate death. I was not going to trust a God who would allow that to happen to me. Katy helped me see that God was not using me or my pain. He was sufficient for me in the midst of my pain.  This ministry is one of the most powerful pictures of God's love I have ever seen. ~ Ginger D. Retreat participant

Katy listens to the words of her students and also their hearts. She is gifted in the ability to respond in love and truth in a unique way. I've become a donor because I have attended her women's events and have been encouraged and see who I am in Christ with more clarity and joy. ~ Keli P. Retreat participant, donor, mentee

Katy's equine demonstrations, not unlike the sheep and Shepherd metaphors in Scripture, are a beautiful way of illustrating how it is possible to let go of fear and mistrust and instead live in faith. She shares a hope-filled message in a truly delightful and captivating way. Beautiful Brokenness, as a ministry, has so much to offer people who are fearful, broken, and hurting. I've had the privilege of participating in many of her events and demonstrations, and I could see how this message touched so many lives. ~ Arielle W. Full time BB Intern 2013/2014

What is Beautiful Brokenness about?

Beautiful Brokenness is about Jesus. One of Jesus' favorite teaching methods is metaphor. He loves to use His Creation as a bridge leading directly to His heart. Animals are precious to God. He values them so much, that their blood became the payment for Mankind's sin until the Lamb of God came to take away sin once and for all. 

Horses are prey animals and humans are predators. Horses and humans are enemies, by nature. 

Scripture says, " For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. Romans 5:10

Horses are not spiritual, so this is not a spiritual Truth for them. But the picture of reconciliation is powerful and helps God's children see His heart in a tangible way.

One of the most rewarding things we hear is "I knew these Truths in my head, but now I believe them in my heart." Beautiful Brokenness has helped hundreds of God's children see the heart of The Shepherd and experience His Love in a whole new way.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to connect with Beautiful Brokenness! 

 The Brokenness Workshop! This is a 35 minute video presentation that includes footage of the day Katy started Scooter in the round pen, a process known as "breaking". Katy explains the brokenness metaphor step by step as she answers these questions. What is it God wants to break? Why does He want brokenness? How does He work brokenness? 

Schedule a visit! If you are in Virginia or a neighboring state, you can make an appointment to meet with Katy and Scooter in person. If you are in Central Virginia, you may want to volunteer! Contact Katy for current volunteer opportunities. 

Pray for Beautiful Brokenness and The Brokenness Project as we enter this new arena of online discipleship! Katy is looking for prayer warriors. If you would like to be involved in praying for Beautiful Brokenness and the participants, please use the Contact Page.

Donate. Beautiful Brokenness is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization that relies upon donations from the body of Christ. This is a practical way you can partner with Katy and the ministry in sharing this powerful picture and crucial message of Rescue, Redemption and Reconciliation of mankind. You can find more information at the Join Us page.

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