The Impossible is NOTHING Campaign is ON!

Help bring us home!

Our host farm is for sale and we would love to buy it. Will you help us?

Just over 3 years ago Kim and David White offered Beautiful Brokenness a home.

Tragically, Kim was killed in 2017 and David has struggled to hold on to the farm. Significant health challenges have caused him to place the farm on the market. His desire (and ours) is that Beautiful Brokenness will buy the farm and continue Kim's heartfelt desire to be the home of the ministry she so loved. Will you help us?  If you would like to join our Hometeam, or would like more information please click the green button to the right. We will post more details as they arrive!

Impossible is NOTHING!

From a participant...

"When the fatal diagnosis came for the baby I carried, I could not understand how a loving God could allow something like that to happen to me. I wasn't going to follow a God like that. Katy helped me see that God had not done this to me. He is present and sufficient for any tragedy this life might dole out. Thank you, Katy for sharing His Life with me. Thank you, Jesus, for Katy. ~ Ginger D. 

We have three new family members!


Welcome to Dusty, Sky and Lightening!

Thank you to Joe and Calista Smith for sharing your three BEAUTIFUL horses with us! Joe and Calista (and their 5 children) are moving to Wyoming with a job change. They needed a safe place to keep their horses, and we stepped up. Dusty is a 12-year-old buckskin Quarter Horse. He and Mary Merritt (one of our Beta-Interns) will be partners for the EAD Certification program that will begin in January of 2020. 

Sky and Lightening


Sky and Lightening are half brothers. Sky is a big palomino, and Lightening is a chocolate palomino. They LOVE each other. Sky shows great promise for our disabled riders (he is very quiet) and Lightening will be a wonderful mount for our intermediate students. Both horses are as sweet as they are lovely.

Welcome Sky and Lightening! We are glad you are here!

You Did it Again!


For the third year!

Your reviews on have resulted in our third consecutive year as a Top-rated nonprofit!