How Can Brokenness Be Beautiful?

Beautiful Brokenness

Life can be painful, and brokenness abounds. Beautiful Brokenness is a process whereby a believer learns to process circumstance through the lens of Truth, rather than try to process Truth through the lens of circumstance. Someone who has experienced Beautiful Brokenness is willing to see The Shepherd's heart in ALL things ~ no matter how painful. This allows the believer to rest, and experience His Peace no matter what occurs. The process of learning to place my confidence in Jesus is often painful as life reveals the insufficiency of the world and those around me to meet my core needs. These needs, love, acceptance, significance, identity, security and value, are eternal needs and can only be perfectly met in Jesus Christ.

Why Horses?

Horses and humans are enemies by nature. Horses are prey animals (they provide meat) and humans are predators (we eat meat). This law of predator and prey offers an amazing analogy for the law of sin and death.  Scripture says, "while we were yet enemies, Christ died for us ..." Jesus initiated relationship with me. Apart from His proactive, unconditional rescue, I would still be lost in my sin and death.  All of the horses here at Beautiful Brokenness have been rescued from something. Just like me. And you. All of the horses here are in different stages of understanding the heart of their rescuer. The relationship with each horse is my responsibility. The rescuer. Jesus is the  Author and Finisher of my faith and yours. Do you know your Rescuer?

How Does it Work?

Katy loves to share Beautiful Brokenness in a variety of ways. From live demonstrations to women's retreats, youth retreats and online programs, Beautiful Brokenness is all about sharing a tangible picture of Rescue, Redemption and Reconciliation, and practical, real life, moment-by-moment applications. 

 "Beautiful Brokenness Ministries truly has been life changing for me. The picture of brokenness Katy uses to show us how much God loves us truly opened my heart and mind to seeing God's love for me in a way like never before. I wish everyone could see the presentation live and in person. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially young women. "
Sandy Walton ~ Demonstration participant and Women's Ministry Leader 


I am so glad you have found Beautiful Brokenness!


A picture of the way Jesus draws me into His Dance.

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