The Horses



Scooter is a chestnut Arabian gelding who was rescued by Katy years ago. Scooter is a horse who is dearly loved. And knows it.



We lost our beautiful WhiteStar on October 12, 2019. She is greatly missed.



Dreamsicle is a Quarter Horse cross gelding who was rescued by Katy in 2000 at the age of 27. Dreamsicle is now a wise 47 year old who is in full retirement. He still loves to help little ones learn how to groom and love on horses.



Cassandra is a lovely pinto/draft mare who spent much of her life as a Premarin (PMU) mare. PMU mares are kept in tiny stalls, too small to even turn around as their bodies produce estrogen used to make the hormone replacement drug called Premarin. As a result of her bondage, Cassandra struggles to trust humans. Her journey has helped dozens of young women find healing in the midst of terrible trauma.



Miracle is a stunning black and white pinto mare who was rescued from the ponyskin market. Ponyskins are sold to make purses, shoes and other leather products. Miracle was saved (hence her name) from this fate.



Andy is a (mostly) black Appaloosa cross gelding who was rescued from the nursemare industry. Nursemares are horses who are bred so they will have milk at the same time a more valuable Thoroughbred mare foals. The nursemare's baby is taken from her so she can feed the more expensive baby and the Thoroughbred mare can revisit the stallion. Nursemare foals are often killed. There are now several rescue groups that specialize in saving these foals. Andy was one of the fortunate ones.



Scout is a 14-year-old pinto mare who was recently donated to Beautiful Brokenness. Scout is very sweet and has begun work under saddle. We can't wait to see her special gifts!