What is Equine Assisted Discipleship?


First, let's define discipleship

For our purposes, discipleship is a teaching process where someone becomes more aware of the intimate, omniscient, omnipresent, perfect sufficiency of Jesus and how that affects them, moment by moment. 

How can horses help?

All of the horses here at The Center have been rescued from something. They were redeemed (purchased) and we are now in the process of helping them understand reconciliation with us. If you belong to Jesus you too have been rescued, redeemed and Jesus wants you to walk in your new life, with a new hope.

There is a Rescuer. Redeemer. Reconciler.

Rescue is required to save me from death. Jesus didn't just save me from Hell, Jesus saved me from the moment by moment belief that I am separate from Him. Separation from God is the Biblical definition of death. Anxiety, fear, anger, these are just a few symptoms of death. Jesus wants me to walk in newness of Life. His Life. Redemption is how Jesus paid for me, and reconciliation is the process I need in order  to walk in this newness of life. His Life. My horse must also learn a new way of being. My horse must choose to put aside fear and walk in his/her new life with me.

There is something powerful that happens when a student identifies with the horse first, then with the Healer. When the student wants the horse to trust, suddenly she is more aware of her own need to trust The Shepherd. It is a powerful catalyst for healing and growth.


How is brokenness beautiful?

When I begin to see each moment through this Truth ~ that Jesus has broken the law of sin and death on my behalf, that He has brought me into His Life, and that He is perfectly sufficient for each moment. Every single one.  The cross changed everything ~ including me. 

Here is a question I love to ask.

Do you want what you need? Do you know what you need? As humans, we were created to need God. And His Life is the answer to every  problem. My body needs air, water and food. My soul needs Jesus even more than I need air. Equine Assisted Discipleship helps students connect with their deepest need, and His perfect provision.

Here are a few comments from participants

Beautiful Brokenness offers a life and heart changing picture of the Good Shepherd. I have witnessed several of Katy's events and am always amazed by the connection, trust and love she and Scooter share. The ability to see my Heavenly Father in the same way, to see His heart for me - his sheep, is life changing. Your heart and life cannot remain the same after experiencing Beautiful Brokenness


 When a terminal diagnosis came for the baby I carried, everything I felt that I knew about God came into question. A few weeks before my due date I attended a Beautiful Brokenness retreat and my eyes opened to the beautiful gift of seeing God for who He was, rather than with faulty beliefs as I had before. This tragedy and retreat experience allowed me to begin to truly know my Father. I will forever be grateful for the blessing of Katy and Scooter, her ministry, and God’s hand in showing me who he is through such a beautiful experience! 

Please let me know if you have any questions!